Synopsis of ‘024: Hybrid Broadcast with Return Channel

'024 Fig. 23
‘024 Fig. 23
'024 Fig. 17
‘024 Fig. 17
  • content provider (140) transmits program content (132), basic information (142), and cloud content over-the-air (150) to a set of mobile devices
  • content provider transmits non-linear information (166), on-demand information (182), cloud content, and user-defined content, to one or more mobile devices by either a short-range wireless transmitter (e.g., WAP) (200) or a long-range wireless transmitter (e.g., cellular) (192)
  • user information (170) based on the OTA and wireless content is sent (195, etc.) to the content provider subsequent to the transmission of the content

Note: The descriptions shown here are simplified for brevity. Please refer to the actual published patents for full details.

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