Synopsis of ‘023: Providing Personalized Content to Mobile Devices

'023 Fig. 2
‘023 Fig. 2
'023 Fig. 17
‘023 Fig. 17
  • content server at a service provider (140) receives user data (170) from a mobile device (110) by means of a wireless access point (200)
  • content server accesses metadata (146), describing other content that includes application programs, non-scheduled audio-visual content, textual content, and graphics content (185)
  • based on the user data and the metadata, the content server automatically searches for and retrieves other content related to the user’s interests (175)
  • content search is based upon user behavior, preferences, or geographic location (115)
  • service provider automatically forwards the other content to the mobile device by either OTA (130) or WAP (195) means

Note: The descriptions shown here are simplified for brevity. Please refer to the actual published patents for full details.

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